Water=Life by Arik Levy "Think with the heart, feel with the brain".


ARIK LEVY & Art direction, design and product development, packaging, marketing strategy and first level PR budgets are a donation of Ldesign and Arik Levy. diane@ldesign.fr | www.ldesign.fr | www.ariklevy.fr

OMABIA & SOPHIE BOURIEZ Financing of the injection tooling and first production batch, PR and distribution channels options. sophie@zelphis.com | www.zelphis.com


Development and production, sales:

FRATELLI GUZZINI When Arik Levy first spoke to Domenico Guzzini about the project and its purposes, Domenico immediately reacted in a positive way and agreed to undertake on Guzziniís expenses the development of the technical part, the tooling, packaging and production supervision. Moreover he agreed for the river-stone to be distributed through Guzziniís catalog and distribution network. Domenico also generously consented for a part of the sales income to be donated to Omabia. www.fratelliguzzini.com


IAN SCIGLIUZZI, photographer Ian will undertake to graciously photograph the
piece and provide images free of rights for using worldwide. ianscigliuzzi@mac.com | www.scigliuzzi.com

PR in different countries:

We are looking to contact different PR companies in France and abroad to help promoting the project.

Design festivals and events:

During the year many design events take place around the worldÖour plan is to take part in those events through potential local partners like water companies.

The way you can help:

Whatever your business and know-how, there are several ways you can help the project get the best impact : money donations, action, promotion and anything that gives support to the organization.

A part of the profits from sales and royalties will be donated to Omabia, to help developing new future projects to keep improving our everyday life.

Thank you for taking part in this action.


Arik Levy diane@ldesign.fr

Sophie Bouriez sophie@zelphis.com

Copyright © Arik Levy 2011  |  Photos © Ian Scigliuzzi