Water=Life by Arik Levy "Think with the heart, feel with the brain".

Water=Life is a techno-poetic project where design meets everyday needs. For his cooperation with Omabia, an organization whose objectives are to improve our everyday life, Arik Levy has come up with a simple, poetic and functional concept to facilitate and improve access to water and other drinks.

We all experience situations such as hearing a child say : ‘Papa can you open the bottle for me’, or witnessing an aged person having the same problem. It is sad to see that a very simple task such as opening a bottle of water or soft drinks can be difficult and unsolved. Sometimes I also have to make a big effort myself.

I wanted to create an enigmatic object that does not give itself away too fast and of which one can appreciate the appearance as well as the functionality. A river-stone was the inspiration. Water comes from the rocks and in this case itís a river-stone that gives us access to water.

By simply placing the river-stone on the screw-cup lead of the bottle, the cone with its multiple radial pressure lines serves as a hooking device. Applying a very minor pressure and turning the river-stone form allows you to benefit from a greater leverage and extra force so as to snap the lead security band open with no effort.

Once the river-stone is put back on the table, it goes back to being an object of nature and becomes part of a metaphor.

Arik Levy

Copyright © Arik Levy 2011  |  Photos © Ian Scigliuzzi